About the tractor trailer

About the tractor trailer

A tractor trailer  , commonly known as a  tractor trailer   , is a powerful vehicle used to transport large quantities of cargo over long distances. These vehicles usually consist of a cab, where the driver sits, and a trailer attached to the back of the cab. Trolley tractors are essential for the transportation industry and provide the possibility of efficient and cost-effective movement of goods throughout the country. Trolley tractors play a very important role in agriculture and transportation. 

What are the advantages of tractor trailers?

1- Increased mobility: Tractor trailers are designed to move heavy loads over long distances, which makes them move much more than other types of vehicles. This makes them ideal for businesses that need to transport goods over long distances.

 2- Increased capacity: tractor trailers can move large amounts of goods and materials in one trip, which makes them much more efficient and economical than other types of vehicles. 

3- Cost savings: Using a tractor trailer to transport goods can be significantly cheaper than using several smaller vehicles. This is due to the increased capacity and mobility offered by the trailer, as well as the fact that it only requires one driver to operate.

4. Enhanced Safety: Tractor trailers are designed to be much safer than other vehicles in the event of an accident. The large size and weight of the trailer helps to absorb more impact force and protect the cargo and the driver from damage.

Stable tractor trailer

A non tipping trailer is a trailer that is designed to stay level and stable when loaded. This type of trailer is usually used to carry large and heavy loads that may be too heavy for a normal trailer. Non-tipping trailers are also often used to transport tip-sensitive materials such as hazardous materials. Non-tip trailers are more expensive and require more maintenance than tip-over trailers, but they are suitable for transporting large and heavy loads safely and securely.

Three-way trailer

A three-way trailer is a trailer that is designed to be unloaded in three directions. This type of trailer is often used to transport heavy materials such as gravel, sand or soil. It is also used to carry large items such as logs, rocks, and other debris. It is designed in such a way that depending on the need and terrain, it can be bent forward, sideways or backwards. This makes unloading easier and also allows for easy loading and unloading of materials.

Tractor trailers are very useful agricultural machinery if you use them to transport goods and materials from one place to another. Azerbaijan Green Farm , the leader in the production of agricultural machinery, offers agricultural tools with high quality and excellent durability. Our tractor trailers are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability for long hauls. 

work Principles

A tractor trailer, also known as a semi-tractor, is a powerful vehicle used to transport trailers and large loads. It is an essential component of the transportation industry, as it is used to transport goods from one place to another. The tractor trailer is usually composed of a cab, an engine and a trailer hitch.

The tractors themselves are powered by large diesel engines that provide the necessary power to carry heavy loads. These engines are designed to be more fuel efficient, but still consume a significant amount of fuel due to the weight of the cargo being carried. Many tractors are also equipped with sophisticated computer systems that control the engine and other vehicle systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The use of trolley tractors   has had a great impact on the transportation industry. These vehicles are able to move large volumes of cargo quickly and cost-effectively, making them an essential part of the supply chain for many industries. Without tractor-trailers, transporting goods across the country would be much more difficult and expensive.

However, the use of tractor trailers also has its disadvantages. They are large and heavy vehicles that require significant road space. They also contribute to air pollution and consume a significant amount of fuel. Additionally, the long hours and stressful nature of tractor driving can affect the driver's physical and mental health.

The history of the tractor trailer 

With important changes in agriculture, various tools were designed to make things easier. Some of the advanced systems for the agricultural equipment industry are tractors and their trailers, such as trailers, which have a variety of pairs of wheels, four wheels, two wheels and no wheels for tractors.

the details

  • Device code CMS 0061
  • 3.5 ton two-wheel trailer type, Romanian design
  • Number of single axles
  • Dimensions: 2m * 3m * 55cm
  • Capacity 3.5 tons
  • Discharge conditions: rear discharge
  • Discharge angle: 45 degrees
  • Tire size: 16-750
  • Number of tires: 2
  • Simple mechanical steering system
  • Two-wheeled trolley 

A tractor is a widely used and important tool in agriculture, which can have good quality and power, and many agricultural works can be done by using the chain that is attached to it. The two-wheel trolley is one of the most important and vital accessories for the tractor, which is installed on the back of the tractor and can be used to transport many loads. The construction of this device is based on different standards in such a way that the body and chassis must have high strength to be able to carry a large volume of all kinds of loads. 

Here are some of the main uses of the tractor trailer:

Transporting loads: The main use of the tractor trailer is transporting loads. Agricultural products, industrial goods, construction materials, petroleum materials, chemicals, etc. can be mentioned among the loads carried by the tractor trailer.

Transportation of hazardous materials: Trailers are often used to transport hazardous materials. These materials may be harmful or dangerous to humans and the environment, so ensuring their correct and safe transportation is of particular importance.

Transporting heavy machinery: Tractor trailers are usually used to transport heavy machinery. Among these machines, we can mention bulldozers, loaders, trucks and other heavy machines.

Food transportation: Trailers are also used to transport food and agricultural products. This transportation is vital because it allows food to be distributed quickly and reach the destination.

Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods: Some trailers are especially equipped with temperature preservation systems that allow the transportation of goods that need to be kept warm and cold (such as fresh food and medicines).

Transporting large and long goods: The tractor trailer provides the possibility of transporting long and large goods due to having one or more semi-trailers (trailers) of its own length and flexibility.

International transportation: Trailers are also used as one of the most important vehicles in international transportation. This helps international trade and allows goods to be transported from one country to another.

The use of trolleys in the transportation of loads and various materials has been noticed due to the efficiency, economy and safety facilities they provide. With the use of advanced technologies, tractor trailers are improved every day in terms of efficiency and safety, and as a result, they gradually become one of the most important vehicles in the transportation industry.

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Two-wheel trolleys are produced through specific processes and make consumers confident in their performance.


In addition to being used in agricultural fields, the four-wheel tractor trailer is also used in construction and mining projects. The power and optimal performance of the four-wheel trailer has made farmers and industrialists more eager to use it. 

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Tractor trailer components

General components of tractor trailers

All trailers consist of several units and they are:

Crop transport tank

Gharblik or the shaft connecting to the tractor

Spring to move the trailer to unload the load

Jack for moving the trailer




the wheel

Goldoni tractor trailer:

This device is the most practical type of trailer that is used in the following industries:



animal husbandry

A building carrying heavy loads

It should be noted that this device is sold in the domestic market under the names of Goldoni trailer, garden tractor trailer, ore trailer, agricultural trailer, and tractor trailer.

Tractor trailer

For convenience when connecting to all types of tractors and ease of working with it, tractor trailers are used in most industries that require transportation.

There are different dimensions, wagon volume and power of hydraulic system, which are designed and produced according to the needs of the user.

Body Material

In order to be more resistant to the pressure and movement of heavy loads, weather conditions and heat, the tractor trailer is made of metal.

Four-wheeled trolley

Most of the cities of Iran have a special climate and the agricultural practice in them is usually massive. For this reason, the use of four-wheeled tractor trailers has become very common in most parts of Iran. It should be noted that this product has special systems. The structure of this trailer is installed and worked in such a way that it has high resistance

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Selling a four-wheeled tractor trailer

Manufacturing factories and tractor manufacturing companies, such as Azerbaijan Green Farm Agricultural Industries and its accessories, design the best and highest quality products according to international standards in a special way. In the final stage, after mechanization and special tests are approved, the products are sent to the market for distribution centers.

Quality trailer 

Tractor trailer  and trailer behind tractor and floor behind tractor, which is a type of non-motorized vehicle, to know the price list of tractor trailer and floor trailer and floor trailer, you can stay with us in the rest of this article. It has the back of motor vehicles such as tractors. People or loads can be carried on a trailer behind a tractor. Using a traileris very common in Iran  and even in the world. It is a serial trailer that can be produced in different sizes, widths and lengths. It has a structure that can be applied to different types of vehicles.

Trailer tractor is a word thatentered our language from France . In Iran, the word trailer is also used instead of trailer. The reason for the frequent use of the trolley in transportation is that it reduces the cost of transportation. If you are looking for affordable transportation, a trailer in different capacities is suitable for you.

We have answered the question of what is a quality trailer tractor . Now let's look at the advantages of the trailer vehicle.

What is the tractor trailer system behind the quality tractor?

A tractor trailer   , which is a type of non-motorized vehicle, is a cargo vehicle that can be attached to the back of a motor vehicle. People or loads can be transported on trailers. The use of trailers is very common in Türkiye and even in the world. A trailer is a vehicle that can be produced in different sizes, widths and lengths.


Regardless of small or large vehicles, it provides additional carrying capacity for the vehicles it is mounted on.

Loading the goods in the trailer is very easy.

1-Trailers with a very long useful life are very profitable investments for the transportation sector.

2- It can be used for different purposes. Many different products can be transported with a tractor trailer.

3-Trailers with very low maintenance costs depreciate their price in a short period of time.

4- It does not create additional costs like other vehicles that you use for transportation.

5- If your storage space or warehouses are narrow, you can buy a trailer. When not in use, the tractor trailer can be stored upright by removing the wheels.

6- This is a type of economic vehicle.

7- Since it does not have an engine, it does not release any additional harmful gases to nature.

types of 

Trailers that can be separated in terms of carrying all or part of the load they carry can be of several types.

Complete trailer : It carries all the cargo itself, and the only thing left for the motor vehicle is to pull the trailer. Agricultural equipment tractor trailer is an example of full trailer model.

Semi-trailer : It is a type of trailer in which part or half of the load carried by the trailer is loaded by a motor vehicle. In this type of trailer, part of the trailer is on the vehicle. Truck trailers are a type of semi-trailer.

Light trailer : It is a type of trailer whose load capacity does not exceed 750 kg.

Central axle trailer : It is a type of trailer that is generally used for small vehicles such as cars and vans. Most of the cargo is transported by trailer.

As you can see, trolley systems are a very useful and beneficial system. Together with you, we were looking for the answer to the question of what a trailer is and what it is used for.

Trailers are divided into 5 classes.

Class O : Trailers or semi-trailers towed by a motor vehicle

Class O1 : trailer with a maximum load of 750 kg

Class O2: trailer with a maximum load of 3.5 tons

Class O3 : trailers with a maximum load of 3.5 to 10 tons

Class O4 : Trailers with a maximum load of more than 10 tons

Trailer tractors can be produced in different sizes and volumes according to the characteristics of the load they carry. There are different types of trolleys that can be produced with electric plug systems, with hydraulic and mechanical brakes, with wheels and axles depending on the tonnage and by determining the number of scissors depending on the portable tonnage.

As Azerbaijan Green Farm Agricultural Industries, we    offer you the highest quality services  with our expert teams in the field of tractor trailer production.

Trailers are known as non-motorized vehicles that are attached to the back of the tractor with a special device. Thanks to the trolleys, it is possible to transport at no additional cost. 

The areas of use of trailers are very wide. The trailer should be determined according to the amount and size of the load. Otherwise, shipping problems may occur.

 How is it classified?

When classifying a tractor trailer, the amount of load is considered as the basis. Class "O" used in the classification of trailers includes non-motorized cargo vehicles that are towed by a motor vehicle. Class O1 is a class that does not include trailers with a maximum weight of more than 0.75 tons. Class O2 is the class of trailers whose maximum weight exceeds 0.75 tons but does not exceed 3.5 tons. Class O3 is a class that includes trailers with a maximum weight of more than 3.5 tons but not more than 10 tons. Class 04 covers trailers with a maximum weight of more than 10 tons.

The importance of the classification of the tractor trailer behind the tractor

The importance of this classification is to avoid accidents that may occur due to wrong selection of trailers. In the scope of this information that we have provided you, we have learned the features and fields of use of trailers. To know the price of the trailer, you can contact Azerbaijan Green Farm Agricultural Industries.

Azerbaijan green farm tractor trailer

Two-wheeled and four-wheeled trolley 

Today, two-wheeled  and four-wheeled trolleys are one of the most basic agricultural necessities that are produced in Iran. In the field of agricultural industry, many craftsmen are engaged in the production of trolleys. The quality of these products mainly depends on the type of materials and necessities used. It depends on them, and today there are different prices in the market.

A trailer is actually a sequence that is connected to the back of a tractor, this device is used in its two-wheel and four-wheel types to transport crops and all kinds of agricultural inputs. The use of trailers is a very ideal, important and useful method in Transporting products and productions of agricultural fields. Also, this trailer is used for use behind vans and other tractors. Tractor trailers are used to transport agricultural products of different weights. Of course, larger types are suitable for transporting more and heavier products.

Body Material

The tractor trailer has a metal body and is highly resistant to pressure, moving and carrying heavy loads, and weather and heat conditions. This device has strong and standard wheels, the agricultural industry of Azerbaijan Green Farm is one of the most famous and large It is the largest producer of this trailer in Iran .  The trailer behind the tractor has different types, which actually means its load carrying capacity.


Structure of a tractor trailer

The structure of a modern tractor trailer usually consists of several parts, the chassis part, the body part, the front and rear axles as well as the rims and tires, the steering wheel and the steering wheel. It can be said that the quality of the trailer depends entirely on the quality of the alloys used. has in it which affects the final price of the two-wheel or four-wheel trolley, for example, the thickness of the sheet used in it, the quality of the tires used in it can be mentioned, which affects the overall quality of the work.

The main factors determining the price of these products are the quality of construction, the materials used, and market fluctuations. Azerbaijan Green Farm Agricultural Industries is one of the pioneers in the production of two-wheel and four-wheel tractors in Iran and East Azerbaijan region.

Types of trailers behind the tractor

A trailer as a trailer behind a tractor is a practical and necessary device that has been used by people, especially farmers, in the past.

Factories and manufacturing companies are trying to make different types of trailers in different models, designs and colors to suit people's different jobs.

The variety of trailers behind the tractor is in the number of wheels, jacks and cylinders that are used to make them.

Advantages in mountainous areas 

With a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour for tractors in Iran, tractors with trailers have many advantages over trucks.

"The tractor is versatile, so access to the loading area is not going to be from the street," says an expert 

With a live axle trailer, a smaller tractor can pull the same load as a larger tractor with a conventional trailer. He also sees an increasing need for wheeled trailers in the future: "I think they will be used in other areas than today, such as transporting materials on construction sites, transporting timber in the field. "Hardware, off-road transportation and agriculture."

Technical Specifications 

 Trailers are produced in different models and with different types of standard wheels, the brand, model, and finally its quality is determined and valued.

Due to the high level of use and high sales of this truck tractor, the production and technical specifications of the tractor trailer must be done with quality, precision and standard.

Production licenses 

The agricultural industries of Azerbaijan Green Farm have international standards such as ISO and membership in the  Atmac organization and membership in the Association of Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers. There is a very fierce competition in the field of  trailer tractor  production , and many manufacturers and craftsmen are engaged in this matter  

  •  Application  

Exactly one of the most important and main features of two-wheeled and four-wheeled tractors is the very special application of this product. These products are one of the best tools for transporting agricultural products, with the help of this device, farmers can move a large amount of products in the shortest possible time. Don't miss this golden and unique opportunity and go to the Azerbaijan Green Farm website now and get  the best  trailer tractor .  

different models 

Agricultural trailers are models that are used to transport loads that do not have transportation costs according to the intended use. This gives the tractors carrying capacity. It is a favorite of many farmers due to its low price. Its use is becoming more widespread day by day. Tractor trailers can be grouped according to the loads they carry. Single-axle trailer, two-axle fork in a row, two-axle trailer with 4 front rotating tires are among the models that facilitate the work of farmers. You can choose from these models as a zero agricultural trailer. You can work with models that meet your exact needs by making the right choices for your application areas.

Agricultural trailers based on the number of axles and suspension systems

When choosing between agricultural trailer models, there are many options among the models according to the number of axles. The models in this category are divided into single-axle or dual-axle categories, the number of axles is determined according to the weight of the load they carry. In addition to these, models based on the suspension system can be found among agricultural trailer models. The most common suspension system used in trailer production is torsion system. In this system, as the trailer load increases, it has a better spring system. Trailer models with this system are not recommended to be used without a load.

Important points when choosing the right trailer tractor

When choosing a tractor trailer, whether it is a four-wheel type or a two-wheel type, different details and options should be considered. Before making the final choice, you need to consider several features and think about your expectations from the trailer, whether the Sibaki trailer tractor will meet your needs, or if you want a Qorbilki tractor trailer, what is the capacity you want. After all, it's a long-term investment and you want the trailer to last and give you the most bang for your buck.

When choosing a tractor trailer, you should ask the following questions:

What type of tractor or excavator is the trailer used with (horsepower, oil capacity, tractor type)?

What materials will be mainly transported?

How long will the distances be?

What terrain is the trailer mainly used on?

How to upload trailer?

What is the maximum height for existing equipment?

Are there any special conditions? If so, what are they (such as the height of the barn door that the trailer must pass through, or the height of the ceiling of the room where the trailer is tilted)?

There are many different aspects in choosing the best tractor trailer to consider before making a decision. Some of our tractor trailers have a very limited range of uses, while others have the ability to use them for different purposes. 

This decision should also depend on the quality of the tractor trailer

Many agricultural trailer manufacturers have low prices, but their quality matches the price. If one wants to have a long lasting and strong trailer, more details should be considered. For example:

When is the delivery time? 1 year or 2-3 months. So it depends on when you can start the planned work on the new trailer.

Where are the components from? Are there well-known and high-quality parts like the parts made by  the agricultural industry of Azerbaijan Green Farm in them?

What is the thickness of the sheet used? Cheaper trailers tend to be thinner in terms of bodywork and less durable, so trailers like this will likely have a shorter lifespan.

How is the trailer made? Manual welding in a small garage or welding robot in a controlled environment with ISO9001 certification for the work process. How easy will it be to get spare parts in the coming years? Since small businesses are free to close their doors whenever they want, it's worth considering larger manufacturers. In this way, you guarantee yourself the necessary spare parts and technical support. 

Is the manufacturer still in business after 10 years so I can get new parts if needed? We have 20 years of experience, and there's a good chance we'll be around for years to get the new parts you need for your tractor trailer.

Our hope is that you can choose wisely and purchase a durable trailer that can serve you faithfully for many years. If you have any questions, don't hesitate. Find the contacts of our sales manager and local dealers here.

Careful in purchasing 

Trailer tractors are large and powerful vehicles that are used to transport large trailers. They are very versatile, allowing them to be used for a variety of tasks such as carrying cargo, delivering goods or towing recreational vehicles. The price of trailer tractors depends on its performance, features and the type of materials it is made of.

The cost of the trailer tractor depends on the size and type of materials used. In general, tractor trailers that have higher engine power, 

When buying a tractor trailer, it is also important to pay attention to the type of material it is made of. Some of the most common materials used in tractor trailers are steel, aluminum, and glass-reinforced plastic. Steel trailers are strong and durable, but can be very heavy and therefore expensive. Aluminum trailers are lighter, but much more expensive than trailers made of steel. Finally, glass-reinforced plastic trailers are the least expensive, but do not have the same level of durability as steel or aluminum tractor trailers.

It is also important to consider the features of the tractor trailer when determining the cost. 

The price of the trailer can vary from several million to several hundred million depending on the type of tractor trailer and its features. 

 Azarbaihan Green Farm Industrial Group

The manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of agricultural and garden equipment is the leader in the field of tractor accessories and meets all the needs of customers in this field. 

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